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5 Keys to Being the Master of Your Own Manifestation

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Choices and Results [Via Pinterest]

"Refuse to be average, let your heart soar as high as it will." -A.W. Tozer [Via Pinterest]

All is Well - Focus on the Good - Keep it Positive!

Love and the Soul Mate- Part 1
Don’t be in a hurry to love or be in love. Become the living manifestation of the love that you desire, live as the person that you seek to be with and that person will  inevitably have to appear. For this is the universal law of attraction which cannot and will not ever fail. Take the extra time and effort to know Yourself mo. Never love out of spite or out of loneliness. Take serious the notion that for anything to last there must be a foundation; so build a solid foundation of friendship based on sacred virtues, respected principles, and balance. Only when there is a genuine relationship, void of any ill intentions, can you turn someone into your soulmate. Slowly, compassionately, and without judgment dissecting the dark unconscious places in their mind that they themselves may not have been able to  reach on their own. Point out the path to their deepest truth and show them how to take that first leap into their higher self and walk in individuality by your own authentic example. Love shouldn’t be looked at as a destination where two people me. It should be a journey where two people are constantly working together to build a bond that’s soul and spirit deep. If you rush something that is meant to last a lifetime will never last.


Song: Oblivion

Artist: Bastille

Album: All This Bad Blood

This song is one of the most beautiful love ballads ever. The singer wonders if their lover is going to age with grace. Not asking if they will be with them forever, like usual, but if when they see them, will they still be in love like usual. Yes, I know it’s a bit odd to just be in love with beauty, but this is how the world operates now: on law of attraction. 

I’m sorry this is so short, but I have quite a bit going on. Stay true. - Kai


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